Quality & Value in Healthcare Equipment


At GDM Group, we appreciate that health sector budgets are constantly being challenged, and we’re here to help. For 40 years, we have provided value and excellence in design, manufacturing, procurement and warehousing.

GDM Group offer a high level of service and value to DHB’s and healthcare

facilities nationwide for the supply of specialist equipment. We design and manufacture bespoke products to specification, supply a range of products across several key categories, and our global procurement team are continually searching for new products and solutions.

We specialise in:

  • Design, engineering and manufacturing
  • Procurement, project management, storage and logistics
  • Bedside cabinets
  • Medical trolleys
  • Work tables
  • Medical cabinets
  • Storage racks
  • Moveable filing systems
  • Cabinetry and joinery
  • Digital displays
  • Flexible storage systems


GDM Group is renowned for its expertise in design and engineering. The design team are based alongside the manufacturing team at our 7000m2 factory and storage facility located in Wanganui. The GDM Group offshore joinery and steel fabrication factory is based in China. Pivotal to our success is the close working relationship and regular communication between the design, engineering and manufacturing teams in New Zealand and China.


We also have joint venture agreements with several other factories to ensure solutions can be sourced for a wide range of hospital equipment and fixture projects. The GDM staff based on the ground in China travel to meet with our suppliers on a regular basis to maintain strong relationships, and ensure stringent operational and quality standards.

GDM Group can provide storage services if required, and our project management teams  ensure installation and roll-out projects are managed efficiently.


5 good reasons to choose GDM for your next procurement project



Make your budget go further – you’ll save money without compromising quality

GDM Group are focused on providing DHBs across New Zealand with the best value within our select product groups. Our unique business model enables us to secure competitive pricing direct from our suppliers. 


Clever solutions for products that will meet your requirements

GDM Group have a full design, engineering and manufacturing facility based in Wanganui.From this site we develop concept designs and engineer to bring them to life. We can tailor  solutions specifically to your requirements, end-users or region.


Technology bring opportunities

We stay on top of our game using the latest design and manufacturing technology. Our factory and supply partners in China must all meet the same stringent standards. Through technology comes innovation for both our products and service to all of our customers.


Efficiencies that create value

In the pursuit for excellence, we have committed to the Lean Management philosophy for over ten years to help drive continuous improvement. Lean principles are embedded throughout our business, reducing waste to generate efficiencies and savings that benefit both GDM Group and our customers.


It’s about listening… and building long term partnerships

GDM Group is here for the long game – for 40 years we have provided many of New Zealand’s largest companies with clever solutions, based on the simple principle of actively listening to our customers. We strongly believe in nurturing relationships to develop great business partnerships for the long term.


Sustainability – recycle, reuse, reduce

A team of experienced logistics and compliance personnel manage delivery and removal of existing items for possible refurbishment. We can repurpose, store, pick pack and distribute all from our local storage facility. The sustainability ethos is centred around recycling by reusing unwanted items and reducing waste whenever possible.

Health and Safety

GDM have a strong focus for managing all hazards and potential risks backed by an independent audit to maintain the ACC – WSMP. 

Our contractor pre-qualification is +IMPAC PREQUAL – 4-star rating.


GDM’s structure has an independent Board of Directors that ensures the focus remains on the important aspects of doing long-term business with our valued clients.

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact our Medical Equipment Specialist today.

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